viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

un microgenesis poema en ingles

there then before time
emanation created

myriads of angels where made
by th will of the father

to create worlds and beings trough the power of word
blessed with powerfull wings and from thunder´s fire their swords,

some of them saw the men
that resemble the father
"they can feel when they touch"
is what they said to the others
"in that touch there´s a secret"
a brighten one tought
that is higher than stars
that is grace from above

so the ones that where only from a mental nature and form,
words and tought but not love,
becouse thats spirit holy envestment,
took the men and confused them
taking power from guilt and judgment
when theres no conscience love, there´s law,
thats for uncounscent cretures to crawl,

they made man live in fear,
and in shame, in the dark,
so they cuouldn´t look above
to the father nor his art

wich is how he bestowed every matter with grace
perfect balance indeed
allways gowing and blessed
and she constantly sings
in flowers and fruits
praises to the almighty
his consort, in bloom.

Is that one magic kiss
ever present and bright
that the truth loving seekers
have found in their lives

in the lips of their love´s
in the warmth of the friends
and in the nupcial embrace that shows
a heavens glance
int the taste of the fuit´s
or the sight of the mountain
there is god and his wife
" come along, join us, son"

in that path there´s a secret
that no one can reveal
becauseits written in silence
that you can only feel!